Johnson Brothers backs S-N-T

Johnson Brothers backs S-N-TJohnson Brothers backs the S-N-T brand and distribute its many labels.

As of March 2015, Johnson Brothers is representing Sick-N-Twisted Brewery.

The endorsement means the Sick-N-Twisted name will now be available to a wider audience locally, in South Dakota as well as the rest of the world. Their website says, “Johnson Brothers Western Wholesale has been servicing customers in Western South Dakota since 1981. Our office and warehouse are located in Rapid City. We are proud to have grown into the top distributor for wine, spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages for both on and off-premise customers.” Johnson Brothers Famous Brands and Johnson Brothers Western Wholesale have serviced the entire state of South Dakota since 1980.

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2 Responses to Johnson Brothers backs S-N-T

  1. Jeff says:

    Was out in rapid for a visit. Enjoyed a naughty red head at Alex Johnson. Loved it. Wondering if any of your brews will make it to Sioux Falls any time soon?

    • sickAdmin says:

      sorry for the delayed response. had to do some research myself.
      keep your eye on untappd. also, if you read our post on our new brewery installation this summer, once we get that going you’ll see our brews distributed more widely.
      thanks for the comment