Now in Keystone


Naked Winery and Sick-N-Twisted products can now be found, enjoyed and purchased in Keystone, SD. With the 2016 Summer season opening, we’re proud to announce the opening of our newest retail store in the Black Hills. Although this is a seasonal location, we want to reach visitors on their way … Continue reading

Canning line launched

Canning line beginning production at Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Company

After many adjustments and fine adjustments the canning line went into production Friday February 12, 2016. Even though it’s a huge challenge and undertaking, the first cases of Buzz Light were produced at Sick-N-Twisted in Hill City. We’re excited to continue with the production of all our lines of beer.

Taking shape

july 21, 2015_0168

The brewery expansion is taking shape. The newly prepared space is filled now. With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally work is suspended. It’s exciting to see all the pieces more or less in place. The electrical system is being prepared. All the processing tanks have been moved from the shipping containers … Continue reading

Brewing Equipment arrives

Brewery equipment arrives

Brewing equipment has been arriving all week. At last! After running into some snags with U.S. Customs, the brewing equipment is making its way into to the Sick-N-Twisted production building. The brewery building has been properly prepared with a new floor poured, the drain ditches in place . . . … Continue reading

Brewery expansion continues

Brewery expansion continues Expansion plans continue to develop. The building is being prepared. Noisy and dirty work . . . but we’re looking forward to the new installation. The equipment is on the way, we get closer to our goal.

Craft Beer Week

May 11 through 17 – American Craft Beer Week All this week the country has been celebrating the craft. See what’s happening all over. To celebrate we’ll be attending the event at Hay Camp Brewing. Stop by to see us there. Follow the website’s map to find out how to … Continue reading