Do You Know F’n Bob?

Do You Know F'n Bob?

A Rancher gone Naughti! IF you have been to our tasting Room in Hill City ; you have probably met F’n Bob.

Bob is full of bite sized jokes, crazy tales, smiles and incredible customer service! However Bob leaves in the winter and we have a hard time keeping up with this youngster (76 years old). Is he throwing hay bales? Laying on the beach or Roaming in his RV with his wife Sharon?

Help us track Bob down! Any sightings please send pictures!  In the near future we will kick off a contest on our Facebook page called Where In The World Is F’n Bob? Be sure to watch for it and play along! We would also love to hear about your experiences with Bob and we welcome pictures as well that you may have taken while drinking Naughti with Bob in our tasting room!