Brewery expansion

Brewery expansion taking place at Sick-N-Twisted brewery

Brewery expansion at Sick-N-Twisted is taking place as of this writing. Walls are being moved, new water systems, set in place, and everything other aspect that goes into the project. Much of the existing space is being rearranged and re-purposed to accommodate the expansion this Spring. We’re all excited and wait in anticipation the new installation which should arrive late this Spring. We plan to employ more personnel and technicians that will assist in the preparation and brewing. Hill City and the Black Hills will have something awesome to show.

We’ve been working hard to realize our dream of a larger brewery. We’ll have a grand opening to be announced this Summer, 2015. Everything is falling into place, nicely.

A glimpse into the manufacturing of the new equipment that will be housed at Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Company:

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