Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Company

Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Company in South Dakota is about craft beer

Founded in 2012, Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Company has been providing specialty craft beers for public consumption ever since. Our brews are handcrafted in the Black Hills of South Dakota, sharing locations and good times with the Naked Winery tasting room in Hill City and Custer. You’ll find fourteen types of beer at our craft brewery, from hoppy and bitter to light and sweet. We truly are all about great craft beer.

Striving to make every beer we brew exceptional and outstanding, our love for beer pushes us into rapid growth and evolution. Constantly looking to create new brews for our craft brewery, we are ready to bring our products to a greater audience. We associate ourselves with other individuals and organizations who are equally passionate about beer. National groups like the Brewers Association are promoting and advancing the craft to unprecedented levels of public awareness. Through our partnership with other organizations, we’re on the forefront of the craft brewery revolution.

Our brewing company relies heavily on our home-grown brewmasters. Dedicated and passionate about their craft, they are constantly experimenting with new flavors, combinations, and blends. They ‘stir the pot,’ cook the ingredients, blend new flavors in, and nudge the process along until they’ve created the perfect beer. Their practical and technical experience is only matched by their love for creating the best craft brews for you!

At Sick-N-Twisted, we offer a variety of events to make the experience of coming to our brewery one you’ll never forget. Our customers enjoy comedy shows, community events, craft beer tastings, and great parties throughout the year, providing them a comfortable space to meet new friends or relax with old ones.

The success of our craft beer company depends on the loyalty of our customers. We want to take care of you and give you a reason to keep coming back. That’s why we offer memberships for frequent customers. When you join our ‘Beer Club’ you get great Sick-N-Twisted gear, invitations to all of the parties we throw, and excellent discounts on our craft brews. Heck, if you show up for twelve Wednesdays, we’ll even put your name up on our ‘Beerocrat Wall.’ We value your service, and we want you to know that!

Whether you live in the area or are just passing through, our beer company’s relaxed atmosphere, friendly customers, and superbly crafted brews are sure to quench your thirst. Stop in for one of our many craft beer tastings to see what all of the fuss is about.


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