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The Black Hills' Best Wines

Good wine; Happy Life. Hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve taken the pecksniffery out of wine tasting. No stuffy sommeliers here. No judgement, no swirly sniffing – unless you want to. Drink what you like the way you like it. Our servers are here to tickle your mind, relax your body and make your palate happy. Save your serious questions for the end of your Naughti experience! 

If it’s your first time, then it’s always better to be with someone who has some experience. We’ve got you. Your personal server or “escort” will take you, one taste at a time until you find the one that perfectly satisfies.

Like it over ice? Absolutely! Tin Cup? No problem. We’re not about pretense, just some damn fine grape juice. We ferment in the traditional style (no feet involved). Just grapes, fruit, sunshine and love! The result is a party in your mouth that your taste buds won’t soon forget. Check out all our options!