Signature Brews!

buzzlightBuzz Light

Pop out your wings and Buzz like a boss. This cream ale will release your happy brain endorphins. It’s slightly toasty with a bready sweetness. A vacation in a glass, it can make ugly people more attractive. Key ingredient: alcohol…Ready or not, beer I come.
Pair With: A juicy cheesburger, fries, wings or a bologna sandwich with mustard after hard work on a summer day.

Creamy Wet Spot

A creamy wetness to hit the spot. This cream ale is easy to drink with small hops and a light body. A smooth summer time brew with a refreshingly light crisp finish.
Pair With: A fresh springy salad, grilled chicken, white fish or a bologna sandwich.

hotmamaHot Mama

Need to add a lil’ spice to your life? Experience this exotic red ale with a fiery temper. It starts with a nice malt, then allows the chile to dominate your mouth. The heat will build and linger…more and more as you finish her off. Leaving you with such euphoria, you’ll say “I’d tap that!” out loud.
Pairs With: A boat, a sombrero and a tortilla stuffed with bologna (with a side of guacamole).

Pleasure Victim

Pleasure Victim- The spot light  is on this Liquid mistress; she can charm any drinker with her warm toasty mouthfeel and her surprising sweetness that ends with a Tawny persistent froth.
Pairs well with: French Onion Soup OR Fried Bologna sandwich with a sauteed Portobello mushroom with a vodka mushroom cream sauce.

wildrideWild Ride (unfiltered)

Pop the top if you dare, but remember to hold on tight! Ripe citrus notes blend with sweet honey undertones as she goes down making this ride an eye-popping experience. Anticipate an easy finish that is smooth, sexy, light and refreshing.
Pair With: Chicken, seafood, pasta, pizza or a double-decker bologna sandwich.

nuthuggerNut Hugger

Get it on and bust a nut! Caramel and nuts on the nose. Earthy toasted malt with sticky, creamy lacing…a tell-tale climax body with an abundance of nuthuggery. Not too heavy. Not too roasty. Nuttiness rating: amazing drinkability.
Pair With: A football game, a recliner or a charred bologna sandwich with caramelized onions.

naughtyredNaughty Redhead

Righteous hops and cherry aromas tell you this is not your ordinary red ale. A sexy complexion with buttery malts make this exotic brew something to be desired. Nuts and caramel build to form the perfect union of awesomeness in your mouth.
Pair With: Prime cuts of beef, cajun pasta or a nice bologna sandwich.

hopperHoppy Beaver

You’ll be dam happy to have found such a great tasting beaver. A hoppy, piney bitterness that lingers across the tongue with zesty citrus on the nose. Be sure to share with your friends. This big beaver is good for all occasions…
Pair With: A mountain retreat, grilled meat,or a bologna sandwich smothered with smoky cheese.

hopontopHop on Top

Hop on top and enjoy floral and citrus aromas as you ease into it. A slight tickle at the beginning grows into the perfect bittersweet balance of malt and hops. Expect a long lingering finish that you can enjoy over and over again!
Pair With: Anything spicy, buffalo wings, Szechuan chicken or a sexy señorita and a Bologna sandwich.

pantydropperPanty Dropper

This brew will rock your socks off, not to mention your panties! Rich chocolate flavors sinfully seduce you to shed your inhibitions. This medium-bodied beauty is exploding with a rich, creamy head and a smooth coffee finish.
Pair With: Robust meals such as steak and pasta or a date with your recliner and a bologna sandwich.


Rich and smoky with a big wood presence, this brew is delightfully charged and infused with bourbon for a full-mouth feel. Heavy-bodied with an intense finish that lingers.
Pair With: Prime cuts of meat with root vegatables or a day on the slopes with a potato chip stacked bologna sandwich.

sexySexy Señorita

You see her a few steps away. Her dark chocolate complexion is strong and irresistible. She is hot and you know you have to get your lips on her, to taste her bittersweet and spicy body.
Pair With: Bread Pudding drizzled with caramel sauce OR: a Mole sauce fried bologna sandwich draped with truffles & Foie Gras demi glace.

hump'herHump’her Honey Wheat

Birds do it. Bees do it. And in the case of our honey wheat, they do it right. This golden beauty will send your taste buds into a frenzy with a touch of sweetness and a scent like cloves. With a crisp finish, this blonde temptress will always leave you wanting just one more taste.
Pair With: Waterskiing, a lobster avocade salad, banana pudding or a piece of star-shaped bologna on crackers.

barebutt bockBareButt Bock

I like big Bocks, and I can not lie! Everyone loves a little indecent  exposure here and there. We encourage you to do what feels good. Smack this one down and enjoy the slight sweetness with just enough bittering to make it your favorite companion!
Pair With: Jerk chicken, grilled pork or a bologna sandwich with a green apple tomatillo sauce.

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