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Let us help you get naughti wines

choose from the Tempting options below and fill out the form to let us know what you want!

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Evoke Winery Dominatrix Pinor Noir

Order Dry Red, White, and Semi-Sweet Wines

Order Oh! Orgasmic Wines

Our collection of premium wines that are sure to impress. The first sip will cause an Oh! of surprise at just how delicious this wine is and the last with cause an Oh! of pure satisfaction.

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Cherry Fantasy, Erotic Red, and Burlesque Blackberry Wine Bottles

Order South Dakota Fully Dressed Wines

Handcrafted from only the orchard’s best, juicy, ripe, fresh fruits.  One sip and you will wonder where this wine has been all your life. Created for the sweet wine lover, each is a perfect balance of sweet and tart but the fruit flavor is the real showstopper.