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Welcome pups

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Welcome Pups

A BIG shout out to all you fur covered  people owners out there! When you’re in the Black Hills  make sure you bring them to Naughti Wines so we can have a meet up. You need to keep them on a leash and they need to be well behaved. Make sure they know there will mostly likely be other people in the building and on the patio. You know how people like to sniff each other, so if your person doesn’t like to be sniffed you might want to reconsider bringing him or her in with you. People will be people, after all. We like to keep all the people chill and having fun so us dogs can kick back and enjoy ourselves.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Max & Oliver aka The Brews Brothers

p.s. Oliver is sporting a new hair cut!  Tell him how handsome he looks in his short summer do.