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Oh! Orgasmic Premium Wines

Our collection of premium wines that are sure to impress. The first sip will cause an Oh! of surprise at just how delicious this wine is and the last with cause an Oh! of pure satisfaction. 


Oh! Orgasmic Barbera

This medium-bodied red wine offers a mix of crushed red fruit on the nose with spice and floral notes inviting another swirl of the glass. Just a hint of tannin complements this Oh! so delicious Italian varietal.

Taste Profile 

Crushed red fruit basket and candied figs on the nose. Spicy notesand  burst of blood orange followed by amerena cherry on the palate.

Food Pairings

A date night viewing of Roman Holiday and honestly anything Italian.

Oh! Orgasmic Bubbly Rosé

Evokes notes of flirtatious perfume of rose petals, bubble gum, and fresh strawberries. Crisp and refreshing with sensuous flavors of juicy peach & tangerine peels give way to bright effervescence and an extra creamy finish.

Taste Profile 

Aromas of bubble gum, peach ring gummies, and tropical fruits greet your nose in friendly waves. Juicy flavors of tangerine, strawberry, and ripened stone fruit give way to bright effervescence and an extra creamy finish.

Food Pairings

Coconut macaroons, strawberry buttermilk waffles, and showering your favorite people with love.

orgasmic bubbly rose

Oh! Orgasmic Bubbly White Wine

Aromas of asian pear, bright citrus, and orange blossom greet your nose in friendly waves. Juicy flavors of sun ripened stone fruit and white grape give way to brilliant effervescence and a creamy finish.

Taste Profile 

Asian pear, bright citrus, and orange blossom on the nose. Juicy flavors of sun ripened stone fruit and white grape on the palate.

Food Pairings

Sea salt kettle chips and great news.

Oh! Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon

This Orgasmic Cabernet Sauvignon offers a full body with round tannins that culminate in a dry vanilla finish.

Taste Profile 

Aromas of dark ripe cherry and cedar box present clearly on the nose. Luscious black currant and dried herbs swirl on the palate.

Food Pairings

Fancy meals and milestones.

oh orgasmic cabernet sauvignon
oh orgasmic cabernet sauvignon

Oh! Orgasmic Late Night Harvest Riesling

Better late harvest than never, this liquid gold hits the palette like a stroll through a peach orchard while eating cotton candy. Good things really do come to those who wait.

Taste Profile 

Evokes notes of peach bud candies, honey comb, and delayed gratification.

Food Pairings

Serve chilled to cap off a meal or pair with your cheese course.
late night harvest taste profile

Oh! Orgasmic Meritage

Why have just one Oh! all by itself, when you can have four varietals at once? This Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec blend blossoms with ripe fig flavors that engorge the mouth with their grippy tannins. It’s like having a red wine pack all in one bottle.

Taste Profile 

Decadent ripe figs and violets are apparent on the nose. Red currant with juicy dark fruit on the palate.

Food Pairings

Blends well with others. This is your go-to wine for anything and everything.

orgasmic meritage taste profile
orgasmic meritage
orgasmic nebbiolo

Oh! Orgasmic Nebbiolo

Bright ruby red in color with vibrant fuchsia highlights, this Oh! Orgasmic wine is not for the untamed palate, with a never-ending gobstopper of dark berry fruits and spice flavors. Aged 22 months in neutral American and French Oak. Welcome to our premium Oh! Orgasmic experience.

Taste Profile 

Sun-drenched cranberries on the nose. Browned butter and hits of smokiness on the palate.

Food Pairings

Mushroom stroganoff and garlic roasted asparagus.

nebbiolo taste profile

Oh! Orgasmic Pinot Blanc

Oh! Orgasmic Pinot Blanc is a white wine that can hold its own with the big boys. This is one of our best white wines, it is so versatile, pair it with just about any seafood.

Taste Profile 

Floral aromas of with hints of tree-ripened Anjou pear on the nose. White peach, and almond on the palate.

Food Pairings

Turkey and melted provolone on toasted focaccia with fire-roasted peppers and pesto sauce.
pinot blanc taste profile

Oh! Orgasmic Sangiovese

This medium-bodied Sangiovese has a lingering and savory tannin finish.

Taste Profile 

Strawberry, cherry, and spicy aromatics on the nose give way to a palate of cassis, creamy vanilla, and oak flavors.

Food Pairings

Your favorite charcuterie.

sangiovese taste profile

Oh! Orgasmic Syrah

Mmm…this Syrah is smooth and silky. Aged for 19 months in 2nd year American and neutral French oak barrels, this red wine is truly luscious. It’s our go-to for red wine gift ideas.
orgasmic tannet

Oh! Orgasmic Tannat

We are very proud to be one of the first wineries in Oregon to offer Tannat! This juicy red grape varietal grows in large clusters – the grape itself has 5 seeds and a very thick skin that is dark in color.  This is an extremely limited production red wine, that we monitored and adjusted to be Oh! so perfect.

Taste Profile 

Black fruit and sarsaparilla on the nose. Hints of blackberry, leather and black cherry on the palate. 

Food Pairings

Rich and savory BBQ meats. 

tannet taste profile

Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo

This sultry Tempranillo is a full-bodied red wine with dark, thick and fruity notes of earth and spice. Aged for 20 months in a blend of neutral French and American Oak makes this one of our best red wines. Can we tempt you with a good time? Just say Oh! yes. 

Taste Profile 

Spice and pepper on the nose. Leather and tobacco on the palate.

Food Pairings

Lamb, ribs or any other BBQ meat.
temparillo taste profile

Oh! Orgasmic Zinfandel

Blueberry jam, baking spices, and planning your post-covid month long Italian vacation. *chef’s kiss*

Taste Profile 

Oak and red fruit on the nose. Ripe blackberry and fresh pressed currant on the palate.

Food Pairings

Delicious by itself or paired with full-flavored cheeses or grilled meats and veggies.
zinfadel taste profile

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