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South Dakota Fully Dressed Wines

Handcrafted from only the orchard’s best, juicy, ripe, fresh fruits.  One sip and you will wonder where this wine has been all your life. Created for the sweet wine lover, each is a perfect balance of sweet and tart but the fruit flavor is the real showstopper.

erotic white

Erotic White

Exquisite & Sweet with fruit aromas and flavors. This wine comes from delicate white hybrid grapes

10.5% ABV | 750ml

Erotic Red

Smooth, sweet and velvety. This tasty red tastes and smells like a basket of freshly picked concord grapes. 

10.5% ABV | 750ml

erotic red
nooner peach

Nooner Peach

Rich in aromatic essence and delectable ripe juice! This delicious white is made with real American peaches. 

10% ABV | 750ml

Cherry Fantasy

Fleshy scarlet lusciousness, sweet and tart! This full-bodied red is made with real American cherries.

10% ABV | 750ml

cherry fantasy
burlesque blackberry

Burlesque Blackberry

Sweet, succulent and delicious full-bodied red made with real American blackberries. 

10% ABV | 750ml

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